Wednesday, April 16, 2014

[RO] [Bio-geek] This is how I memorize for exams

... our union might not be 100%, but at least we're meant to be!

Yes baby,

I know you want me.
like your french gurl.
srysly i feel like i'm an expert in durtty nerd pick up lines.

I don't know if I am talented in making pick up lines
or simply mad nerd craycray.
But I know this method works in memorizing.

I got my A for stem cell engineering (& some other modules) this way.

[RO2] Shit Sorcs say

I had a bestie,
her his name is Oghi,
the pink bimbo warrior.

We came from SEARO2 (playpark/asiasoft server)
then moved to once less gear-updated idRO2 (lyto server)

and then one day we decided to go back to SEARO2.
to enjoy our leet-gears back.
chaos-geared sorc
in Normal type-dungeon.
RIP dignity.

Mainstream people has deluge lvl 3 and above
Hipster has deluge lvl 1.

And who has deluge lvl 2?
Fail noob.
Who follows some mega-noob's advice.

Hola, acabo de conocerte! (maybe not)

y esto es una locura!
pero aquí esta mi blog 
así que me acechan, tal vez?
*wink wink*

Hello familiar faces,
So after a long hiatus, I decided to blog again. Life is too short to burn your whole life for work, after all, the silent geek in me likes to uproar in this nerdy side of the world.

Hello stalkers, old and new ones -
You could be my university friends, co-workers, past internship colleagues, in-game friends, and everyone in between. So here I am, instead of purely blocking all my past and future writings - I present to you my selected ones - which I deemed proper enough for stalker à votre niveau. Filtered, at my standard, of course.

Hello strangers -
They call me Hell
They call me Stacey
They call me her
They call me Jane

That's not my name
That's not my name
Call me Shuupi,
I'm your regular noob who talk about every shits in the most douchebag-gy manner.
You can say, I am a bimbo who dream about being like an Ari Gold. Fear me.